Dynamic Education Adventures - It would be a crime to not book the DEA!
Our Programs
Small-scale program (50 children or less) = $100 (each additional program booked on the same day =$75)
For groups larger than 45 please email or call for a price quote.
Programs are 30 to 45 minutes in length.
A mileage charge of $0.51 per mile will be applied to areas outside Jefferson and Shelby Counties.
Programs can be booked by emailing dynamiceducationadventures@gmail.com or calling 205-213-0631.
If you are an organization that puts on summer camps and want to add to the experience,  DEA partners with several organization to present summer camps.  Contact us for pricing.
If you are interested in some inexpensive and exciting activities for your classroom,  contact us to talk about our Inexpensive Investigations Teacher In-Service.
The Live Animal Show
Children will learn about the slithering, scaly and awesome world of bugs and reptiles.  This show is a unique a unique and dynamic way to see and (sometimes touch!) live animals while learning about habitats, defense mechanisms, hibernation, camouflage, edotherm, ectotherm, invertebrates and vertebrates. Recommended for All Ages
Fizz, Boom, Zap and WOW Super Science Show
Kids will be mesmerized with this exciting and educational exploration of science.  They will learn about atoms, molecules and matter.  The show is full of experiments to impress and everyone is guaranteed to have a hair-raising good time.  The show is truly booming with explosions, crazy chemistry and volts and jolts!   Recommended for All Ages
The Science of Sound
This program is full of good vibrations!  Your students will truly enjoy this physical science program as they investigate the mechanics behind sound.  Recommended for PreK-2nd Grade
The Groovy Geography Game
In this program, children will explore Alabama and learn the basics of map-reading by helping Mr. Potato Head travel across our state.  Learning to read a map has never been so fun!. Recommended for 1st-3rd Grade
Marvelous Magic
Poof, bang, abracadabra and wow!! This program will help your cares disappear and is sure to be a fun time with some mighty magnificient magic.  Children will be thoroughly entertained as they learn about states of matter, magnets, effects of force, gravity and much more. Recommended for PreK-2nd Grade
Polymer Party
There isn't a day that goes by that you don't encounter polymers.  So what are they? Icky, sticky, slimy and grimy are the orders of the day in this engaging look at polymers. Your kids will be molecule mesmerized with the rubbery, sticky and gooey experiments in this program. Recommended 1st-3rd Grade
What's the Matter with Crazy Chemistry
This action-packed program will engage and excite your students.  Concepts covered include:  physical and chemical change, the states of matter, molecules, acids, bases, indicators and much more. Recommended 3rd-5th Grade
Explosive Experiments
This program is just booming with fantastically fiery feats! Kids will be blown away by the explosive demonstrations and combustible chaos. Recommended 2nd-6th Grade
Understanding Electricity and Lightning
Kids will get a jolt and a volt as they learn about engaging and enticing electricity.  This show will cover circuits, conductors, insulators, Edison, Tesla, atoms and lightning. This program is nothing short of a hair-raising way to expend some energy. Recommended 3rd-7th Grade
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