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Extended Day Care/After School Shows

It Isn't Magic...It's Science

Poof, Bang, Abracadabra and WOW! Exploring the science of magic will help your cares disappear and is sure to be a fun, learning adventures!

Live Animal Show

Children will learn about the slithering, scaly, and awesome world of bugs and reptiles. Meeting our animals will help your group discover why it is important to replace fear with knowledge. Students will learn about habitats and specifics.

Spooky Science

It's time to scare up some spooky science demonstrations. This program is great for October or really any time of the year you want your group to experience bubbling, oozing, and a gooey great time.

The Science of Sports

The science of sports is all about motion and Newton knew sports. This engaging and educational show will explain Sir Issac Newton's Laws of Motion and how it applies to sports. An object at rest remains at rest unless The Science Lady is in the house.

The Super Science Show

This program is just fizzing and booming with fantastically fiery feats and radical reactions. Kids will be blown away by the explosive demonstrations and combustible chaos.

Crazy Chemistry

Atoms, molecules and matter, OH MY! Your group will know that chemistry is cool after seeing this dynamic show that explores the states of matter through crazy chemical reactions.

Superhero Science

This exciting science show will make you want to leap tall buildings in a single bound! This show is filled with experiments about super strength, flight, managing matter and much, much more!

Rocket Party

Houston will not have a problem with this flighty show. Your group will experience actual rocket launches and receive their own paper rockets to take home. Learning about rocket science is a blast.

Saint Patrick's Day Science

Your extended day care group will feel like the luckiest little leprechauns when they see the demonstrations in this show. Anyone who doesn't get to experience this might be green with envy.

Shockingly Fun Electricity

Kids will get a jolt and volt as they learn about energetic and enticing electricty. This show is nothing short of a hair-raising good time!

The Science of Sound

This show if full of good vibrations! Your students will truly enjoy this physical science show as they investigate the mechanics of sound and make their own musical instrument. 

Ask about our monthly STEM/STEAM Clubs!


$100 for groups of 45 or less

$125 for groups of 46-80

$150 for groups of 81-100

$200 for groups over 100

Shows are 30-40 minutes in length

Mileage rates of $0.58 per mile apply to areas outside of Jefferson and Shelby Counties

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